Shimo Conversation Part 1

Conversation Part 1

Shimo Conversation Part 2

Conversation Part 2

Shimofuri at 5 weeks

It started with wanting to get a blue pied frenchie from HelloHuman. The desirable one was not suitable as the birthday was not in May and there was a hesitation of I cannot remember what.

After going through countless of sellers and websites to understand the process of purchasing and shipping from UK to Singapore, we felt that there are so many scammers online. Some can just send a puppy at Euro 100, which sounds so ridiculous.

So we went to Whatsupdawg to look for a blue tan frenchie. And it turns out that blue is pretty nice after all. So we saw online about lilac tans which is a slightly lighter version from the blue ones and the color is beautiful.

With God's direction, we finally landed with Thomas, whose friend has just bred some nice little pups.

We wanted to choose the one with slightly more pinkish tone, but she was taken away by another buyer before we could decide. So we ended up with Shimo herself.

Down: Shimo's sister

Shimofuri at 6 weeks

Decided to put a deposit and booked Shimo for the trip. Prices were really not the same as before, as Covid has left people stranded at home lonely and in need of pets. Hence, the bargaining stand was not that positive. However, it was guaranteed that this is a good breed as it came from Django.

The thing about frenchies is that they always have this "sad-looking" face.

Shimofuri at 7 weeks

So what was required of the puppies were their vaccination records. They will need to have 2 jabs done before they are able to be sent over. And being UK as a rabies-free country, there will be no need to quarantine when they reach Singapore. So we were glad we could find Shimo in UK, else the other country would have been Aus. But shouldn't frenchies be from France?? Lol

Shimofuri at 8 weeks

OMG!!! She looks so quiet sleeping! As first time overseas buyer and especially meeting so many online scammers around, we were cautious when we were dealing. And the only thing that we can feel comforted is to get a picture or a video once a while to be reaassured that she is a valid deal. Well, that's the best we could get anyway.

Shimofuri at 11 weeks

This was kind of the last video we managed to get from the owner as she tries to send us Shimo moving around using a laser. The ones around her are her brothers and as we can see, they were much more active than Shimo, which we were glad for, as we didn't want a very active dog as well. Shimo seems to be very peaceful, calm and mature for her age.