The Old Regis

So where to start? Ok so let’s first look at the original settings of the place. It is a very cosy place of a Taiwanese – German setting. Laura and Martin were very kind to have us take pictures and also allow us to come in to cook a steak to test their exhaust!

In anything, in order to get the best optimum result, we will need to have choices and to have choices, we will need to search, and to search we will have to put in the effort. And that is what makes us tired. While searching for a suitable interior designer, there is still a need to find all the nitty gritty of things. Anyway, we will still have to find our way to find the designer that can make the best out of the space that is given and to make sure that everything is planned well to fit into all the requirements of the individual rooms. We went in search for 3 quotes.