This place has not been made possible without these GREATS coming from all walks of life into the journey of building this home. Everyone had a role to play in the making of this wonderful place to stay. It was a pleasure witnessing the beauty of God’s works, how everything has already been written like a beautiful song.

  1. God
    Thank God for bringing all these people together to make this place so wonderful, from the start of purchasing this place as a preparation to shift from the good to the great. Everything has been planned from the very start till the very end, all has been well done in His time.
  2. Uncle Vincent
    Thank Uncle Vincent for recommending this place for both a great stay and investment potential, and at the right time, to purchase this place for the future to come.
  3. Joyce from Icon Interior
    Thank Joyce from Icon Interior, who was brought into this journey and left right after the place was done. Her appearance made the renovation of this place so swift and well planned. She handled everything so well. And she completed her mission before moving on to the next chapter of her life.
  4. Wally from Bathroom Warehouse
    Thank Wally for his unwavering persistence in dealing with us ladies. When we walked into the store, he was so kind to explain everything to us. He has been so patient with us, our complaints over the Geberit toilet bowl and adhered to our requests all the way from the problem to the solution.
  5. Yanti/Esther from Wecreative
    Thank Yanti and Esther for the great exponential idea of changing the bathtub space into a music area. And today, the music area is the most beautiful and used place of the room.
  6. Mum
    Thank Mum for forever praying for the smooth delivery and execution of every part of the process from the start till the end, and still continuing to pray every time she is here. Her consistent happiness and peace within her heart, may she continue to be in surplus.
  7. Laura
    Thank Laura for attending to the many visits that we have taken to make this place better. She is one of the few good tenants that is so inviting of us, always ready to prepare a good dinner to welcome our presence.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Birthday Prayer

Dear Father
On this special day we pray over Ailyn for her to be blessed to bless. Pray for her wisdom to be a steward to her daughters, for persistence in guiding them with Your word to follow, for strength to deal with parent woes.

Everything has been placed and planned in Your time, we pray for patience to see miracles that You create. We pray to meet people whose lives can be touched by us. We wait for everything to fall in place like how You heal all who come to You. May we continue to cast any fears unto You, praise You, appreciate You in whatever circumstances we are in, good or bad. May we never fail to look to You in all sadness and happiness and give thanks in every situation, and pray unceasingly.

May we continue to be of a blessing to others around us, to treat our neighbours and love them as ourselves. Let the Holy Spirit in us be the lamp of our lives, shining brightly upon our paths and guiding us throughout our short journey. We give thanks for everything that You have given, we praise You for every failure we encounter for it is to bring us to greater heights.

Thank You Lord. In Your Most Precious Name we pray, AMEN!!

~~ The End ~~